M1 A6 Roadway Luton North

M1 A6 Roadway Luton North

Policy 61 Luton North Strategic Allocation M1 A6 Link Road

The Development Strategy is unsound as it does not comply with the ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive 2001/42/ECC.’ The Government’s intentions about how the directive is implemented are in the document ‘A practical Guide to the Strategic Environmental Directive.’

The Council have not considered in their document; DPD7a ‘Assessment of Sites part 2’ ‘Land North of Luton’ pages 204 – 214, whether the environmental impact of the M1-A6 roadway could be mitigated by changing its path through the North Luton Strategic Land Allocation.

The proposed path of the M1-A6 roadway shown in the Council’s recent Framework Plan for the North of Luton yet not shown in the documents DPD1: Appendix 10 Policy 61 and DPD2: Streatley and Sundon Inset Map, has significant adverse environmental impacts. The impacted areas are all in the Green Belt and include the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Sundon Wood and George Wood and wildlife, English Heritage assets surrounding and including St Mart’s church, and Best and Most Versatile Grade 2 agricultural land.

All of these impacts could be mitigated by changing the M1 – A6 roadway’s path so it passes south of Sundon Wood. As well because this roadway’s path in contrast to the Council’s proposal would span a shorter distance between the M1 and A6, the impacts of climate changing vehicle emissions would be reduced as well as the road’s cost.

We believe the Council’s ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment’ of the North Luton Strategic Land Allocation could be made sound if the Council were to consult on the environmental impacts of alternative M1-A6 roadway paths.