Sundon Parish Council advised Central Bedfordshire Council it was unlikely it would meet its Duty to Cooperate obligations.

Sundon Parish Council in its responses to CBC’s Development Strategy consultation during February 2013 and published on this site repeatedly set out its case that CBC were unlikely to meet its Duty to Cooperate obligations as set out in Department of Communities and Local Government Planning Practice Guidance in relation to Housing, Employment and Infrastructure.

The current sad state of affairs is due to Central Bedfordshire Council not meaningfully engaging with Duty to Cooperate until Spring 2014 only a few months before they submitted their Development Strategy for examination in July 2014.

I think its fair to say residents of Central Bedfordshire are sceptical about the influence they have over the purpose and content of their Development Strategy during its consultation process. Indeed the Inspector has frequently criticised CBC’s treatment of residents’ consultation responses. Residents’ must feel let down by CBC’s inability to produce a plan that meet’s their needs with the minimum environmental impact.

Residents will note this is the second time CBC have failed to produce a plan that stands up to scrutiny as recently it failed to gain approval for its Gypsy and Traveller Plan.