CBC’s Development Management Committee approved today an outline planning application for Houghton Regis North development. The decision process is webcast here at http://www.centralbedfordshire.public-i.tv/core/portal/home so you may like to view the quality of debate surrounding this site’s approval and the committee’s dismissal of Houghton Regis Town Council’s very reasonable requests for modifications to the plan.

Amongst other important issues Houghton Regis Town Council raised was the fact the Framework Plan for this site included a relief road within the site. But the Council said this was no longer a feature of the plan for this site and that Framework Plans were a discussion point for developers and the Council’s consideration, and not intended to represent the final layout or content of any development site.

Also of interest were comments about the provision of healthcare i.e. a Doctors Surgery large enough to administer to the forecast population growth in the area. Although notionally there is space allocated for this purpose there is no funding to provide a surgery at the moment. Consider the current state of the NHS and ask yourself when will this funding be available? Also ask yourself are Houghton Regis North sites sustainable without healthcare provision?

Section 106 agreements have yet to be agreed with the developers of HN2 so if the comments I have made so far about CBC’s Development Strategy are correct the things residents thought the Council would deliver on this site will soon start melting away.

Comments that the open spaces on the HN2 site were very generous in comparison with other development sites were made by Councillors Young and Nicols. So do not be surprised if open space is lost during this site’s detailed planning.