This is the content of a letter I sent recently to the Secretary of State Department of Communities and Local Government. It requests his urgent intervention in planning applications affecting Houghton Regis North.

I request the Secretary of State Department of Communities and Local Government intervenes in planning applications relating to Green Belt developments in Central Bedfordshire situated on land North of Houghton Regis. An example of one of these applications is Application CB/15/00297/OUT Land West of Bidwell (Houghton Regis North Site 2). For details of this particular application please refer to Agenda Item 6 of the enclosed Reports Pack. Central Bedfordshire Council’s Planning Office has sent this application to the Secretary of State under paragraph 3 of The Town and Country Planning Act (Consultation) (England) 2009.

My request to intervene is planning applications for North of Houghton Regis currently under consideration are parts of a Strategic Land Allocation described in Central Bedforshire Council’s Development Strategy (Local Plan). This strategy failed its Inspection during February this year for the reasons in the enclosed letter from the Planning Inspector. The Council have recently had their request for a Judicial Review of the Inspectors decision denied by the High Court.

I have objected to planning applications of which the Bidwell application is one example on the grounds set out in the letter enclosed to Jason Longhurst Head of Regeneration at Central Bedfordshire Council. Taken together these applications represent the incremental implementation of an unsound Local Plan. These applications are for developments in the Green Belt and contrary therefore to National Planning Policy, the statements of Government Ministers and other politicians regarding their commitment to Green Belt protection. There is a great National public interest that these planning applications and others affecting over 5 square miles of Green Belt and the North Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are properly considered.