A recent report presented to Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive Committee meeting on 10th October 2017 by Cllr Nigel Young Executive member for Regeneration contains false information.

Part of the report is about the legal implications of a shortened Local Plan development cycle. The report ( Agenda item 17a page 11 paragraph 26 ) authored by Connie Frost-Bryant the Head of Strategic Growth working under the supervision of Jason Longhurst Director of Regeneration and Business Support states;

‘Once adopted the Local Plan will form part of the statutory Development Plan and will be used to determine planning applications. Until this happens the existing adopted plans will continue to set the planning framework.’ 

The second sentence of this paragraph contains the false information. Because in a planning appeal decision made on the 21st August 2017 ( APP:P0240:W:16:3166033 ) the planning inspector hearing the appeal concludes the Council’s existing adopted plans are out of date and cannot be used to determine planning applications and planning appeals. Additionally the appeal decision goes on to say Central Bedfordshire Council currently does not have a 5 year land supply.

Elsewhere on this blog I have explained the importance of having a 5year land supply and up to date planning policies when deciding where new development should be located. On the basis of the false information presented by Cllr Nigel Young and the content of the planning appeal decision made on 21st August 2017 it appears the Council continues to fail to protect residents from unwanted development.