Thoughts on publishing briefing notes through print media and electronic media and blog posts through electronic media.

Often there are processes involved with the things we write briefing notes and blog posts about. For example, property and business ownership. When we write briefing notes and blog posts their factual accuracy depends upon what point along each process’s timeline they are written and what particular source we used as a fact base.

We have written independently of one another about company ownership using different sources as our fact base and at different points along the process timeline. You used a company’s website to source your facts and I used Companies House to source my facts. As a consequence, our fact-based opinion as expressed in your briefing note and my blog post contradicted one another. Contradictions can be exploited by cunning people, some some of whom are politicians, and gullible people who believe the cunning people. Who may both want to undermine our campaign and personal credibility.

However, it can be reasonably argued that both of our reports were correct at the time each of them was written. Therefore, apart from a judgement as to whose fact source is more reliable, (webpages are transient) we should always give reference to our fact sources and at what point in time that fact source was accessed so that any criticism centred upon our contradicting fact-based opinion can be refuted.