What a special weekend. After walking the dog within the grandeur of the North Chilterns AONB, we met Isobel and Ron on Saturday, while their granddaughter was fine tuning her maths skills in Sainsbury’s at Bramingham Park. It was good to see Ron had begun to recover from the unforeseen health events he has experienced recently.

On Sunday the Stonnell Family gathered for a Chicken roast. After lunch we reviewed some pictures that were taken over the Christmas period. I was especially proud of pictures of family members who were born with the surname Stonnell and of family members who had either become a Stonnell by marriage or by partnership.

Also, I was grateful for the messages and FaceTime chats with Family and Friends about the health events I had experienced at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge recently.

There are interesting times ahead concerning Local Politics in Bedfordshire as Bedfordshire Council’s are up for re-election during 2019. Hopefully, the usual politicians will be swept from office and replaced by politicians who are better able to deal the problems we face in the 21st Century rather than the problems we faced in the 20th Century.

My message to the Bedfordshire public is that it is at election time when you should appreciate that you are most influential. So consider very carefully whose name you put your mark against and focus on the Local issues that are important to you, your family and friends. For example, the environment and housing you live in and the quality of the social healthcare you receive, whatever your stage of life, and  the quality of schooling you and your family receive.