After the Pre-Submission Luton Local Plan (2011-2031) dated October 2015 was sent to a Planning Inspector for approval during an Examination in Public. Luton Borough Council changed their Local Plan by choosing to relocate a Football Stadium for Luton Town Football Club from M1 junction 10a adjacent to Newlands Road, to Power Court, a brownfield site, adjacent to St. Mary’s Church Luton.  

Since that time almost 4 years have elapsed and a legitimate question of public interest still remains unanswered. 

Who has benefited from Luton Borough Council’s football stadium relocation choice? 

Is the beneficiary:

  1. Luton Borough Council?
  2. 2020 Developments Limited, the owners of the Power Court site and the M1 J10a Newlands Road site?
  3. Luton Town Football Club who are also owned by 2020 Developments Limited?

Whoever of 1), 2) or 3), is the beneficiary, was the benefit a financial benefit?