0n the morning of Friday August 16th. The Panth Diaspora arrived at Haynes Park Central Bedfordshire. As the crowd accumulated. The Panth exchanged stories about their Journey’s to Haynes and about their intended routes home later during the day.

They were at Haynes to hear the teaching of Guru Gurinder Singh Dhillon also known as Baba Ji.

Guru Gurinder Singh Dhillon is the current spiritual leader of the Sikh religion across the world. 

Therefore, the significance of this gathering of Sikhs and what the Guru said should not go unreported. Also, local politicians should make an effort to welcome Baba Ji to Central Bedfordshire. Unfortunately, our MP’s for Luton North, Luton South, South West Bedfordshire, Mid Bedfordshire and North East Bedfordshire had failed to organise a welcome worthy of Guru Gurinder’s stature within the Sikh spiritual community. 

When asked to comment about why they thought Bedfordshire MP’S were absent on the 1stday of this significant gathering of the Sikh Panth Diaspora one Mid Bedfordshire constituent quipped. It Would appear our MP could not be bothered to extricate herself from between the legs of her latest ‘squeeze’ and make an effort to welcome Guru Gurinder! I am very annoyed about this as it reflects very badly on Bedfordshire’s standing within  the UK.